An Analysis of Great E-Commerce Website Examples

Search engine experts have made the task of optimizing E-Commerce websites, quite easier. But in this competitive world, getting your site placed among the top ones is not an easy task. SEO team has to work hard to get your site its due recognition. For optimizing E-Commerce Websites there are no rules and patterns. Here are few pointers that can help you in optimizing the site all by yourself. A good website is easy to use, has attractive looks & processes the requirement of the customer easily. You might prefer to use a flash design, but don’t overdo with it. Prime reason for this is that it takes long time to get uploaded. Hence, have a site that has great design that takes less time to download and gives the theme about what your business is all about.


When you put the images and text in the website, see to it that they match. Don’t be completely dependent on the manufactures information on product detail. It is because many others would also be selling the product and there are more chances of duplication of content. Create right links, navigation and map the product rightly. You can use umbrella pattern or create a separate category & page for different categories. For example, if you into the business of selling furniture, then furniture will be your main category. Under this you can create sub heads by use say: living room furniture, bedroom furniture, etc. Then you can create separate pages for them and products can be accordingly place. These will the consumer in finding the right product for themselves & show them a professional attitude.

For every page you create, the content should be unique & Meta tags as well. The Meta tags include unique Meta title, meta keywords and meta description. If possible create a user comment box on every product page. This will help you in getting unique content everyday & you can also catch the keyword trail. Add call to action also. In a dynamic site it is important to keep one link static on every page. You can direct the relevant related blogs and article links for the concerned page here. While optimizing the site think about the future. It is wiser to use product name in – title, H1, and H2 of the content page. In an ecommerce site images play an important role in capturing the attention of the visitor. If you want to optimize images also then use ALT tag. You can use a good caption & use a keyword if possible.

Create a site map for the website in XML format and submit it on Google. Depending on the target audience, use various search engine verticals for making the search process much easier. Last but not the least creates links – one way, two way or reciprocal links. For one-way link manufacturer’s website are the best. The main goal of Optimizing E-Commerce Websites is to attract the attention of the visitor and turn them into potential customers. SO work on it by formulating the plan that helps in meeting the future needs more successfully.